1903 Romney M. Dansby and W.O. Hearne Started the Bryan Steam Laundry.
1907 R.M. Dansby left to go in the cord wood business.
1908 Robbie Walthhall joined the Bryan Steam Laundry as office boy. Joe Spell joined the company as a delivery wagon driver.
1913 The American Steam Laundry was installed in the present location by Tom Boyett and Albert Worley. A few months later they acquired by purchase and merged the Bryan Steam Laundry.
1920 R.M. Dansby acquired by purchase the American Steam Laundry from Mrs. Edna LaHatte, who had acquired it from her brother, Tom Boyett.
1929 Bryan Laundry, Inc. build by Walter Ayers and others.
1931 Bryan Laundry, Inc. purchased by R.M. Dansby and Roland Dansby. Roland took over the operation. In late 1931 the plant was closed and merged with the American Steam Laundry.
1935 Partnership of R.M. and R.C. Dansby was formed under the name of American Laundry and Dry Cleaners.
1940 Opened sub-station at College Station, managed by Ralston Batson and, after he entered the service, by his wife Dorothy.
1945 Martelle and Roland Dansby acquired the interest of R. M. Dansby.
1949 Due to ill health, Martelle withdrew from the business.
1954 Built Ridgecrest Washatorium.
1956 Built complete Laundry and Dry Cleaning plant in Rockdale, Texas.
1959 Acquired by purchase the Keeling Laundry and Cleaners in Centerville, Texas.
1960 Acquired by purchase the ideal Laundry of Bryan.
1961 To better describe our business, began use of trade names "Fabric Care Service" for our family customers and "American Laundry Linen-Uniform Service" for our commercial customers.
1961 Acquired by purchase the Snow White Laundry of Cameron, Texas.
1962 Acquired by purchase the Teague Steam Laundry of Teague, Texas.